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What's New With Us

In 2008, with combining companies of Wood River Printing and Production Press, there has been a major investment in new equipment and technology at the Wood River facility.

These investments include 2 Heidelberg Speed Master 74’s – one 4 color and a 5 color perfector, a Heidelberg Stitch Master ST90 Stitcher-Trimmer along with a Creo-Prinergy Computer to Plate Workflow System, Kodak Insite Prepress Portal System for remote proofing and Hagen OA Real Time Operating Management System.

Also, readily available from inter-company services is foil stamping, die-cutting, perfect binding, spiral and wire-o binding and direct mail services. These are just a few of the major upgrades, not to mention this new website, that will allow Wood River Printing to better meet demanding deadlines while creating a more competitive, efficient and better quality product for our customers.



What's New With the Industry

FSC - The mark of responsible forestry.Printing GREEN!
Growing popularity continues for print buyers, printers and suppliers of paper and ink to progress with environmental options. These efforts include a broader selection of recycled stocks available, soy-based inks and chain-of-custody certifications.

One chain-of-custody, FSC™ Certification, is a print buyer request that we are beginning to hear more frequently. Wood River Printing is FSC™ Certified since 2007 and has successfully passed their 2011 FSC™ audit. Contact us if you are looking for a FSC™ Certified Printer.

These are just some of the many efforts that Wood River Printing has been working on to be able to provide print buyers with reasonable environmental options. Stay Tuned as our efforts Grow More Green!



What's New With You

Do you have a new project you are working on but there are some outstanding questions you want to ask us? Here is a list of the Top Ten Printing Questions and our answers to hopefully help you out throughout the process.

Top Ten Printing Questions

Should I include all the fonts used on my job when sending in my files?

YES, we accept both Mac and PC Postscript Type 1 and Truetype fonts. In order to achieve the results you want from your print job, always include your Truetype suitcase and/or all the screen and printer fonts for Postscript Type 1.

Do I have to send any other files besides the document program I used to set up my print work?

YES, in producing the best quality it is vital to supply all supporting files used on your job. To run high resolution files, all supporting images must be saved in the proper formats. In Pagemaker, you can locate all the supporting files under the LINKS menu and in Quark from the USAGE menu.

How do I know what file format to save my Photoshop files?

The final usage of your Photoshop files determines what format to save them in. For print work all Photoshop files are saved in either .eps, .tif and Photoshop DCS eps formats. For black and white halftones, .tif format is preferred because you can specify the Pantone color in the document program. For placing outlined photos, save as .eps files with supporting Clipping Paths.

What is the best Resolution and Line Screen setting for scanning photographs and line art?

Scanning black and white photographs the scanner should be in the Grayscale mode with 300 dpi at 150 line screen at a slightly larger percentage than what is placed. Line art should be scanned at 1200 dpi in the Line Art or Bitmap mode.

What kind of hard copy proofs should I provide along with my electronic files?

Providing hard copy proofs of your job is essential for accurate prepress production. Color laser proofs are preferred for spot color and full color print jobs. Printing black and white, lasers in the separation mode from your program assures accurate color breaks.

Should I change Trapping specifications in any of the applications I use?

NO, leave the Trapping specifications to the application's default setting. Many designers confuse the Overprint and Knockout functions. Because printing inks are transparent, if someone specifies Yellow to Overprint Black, instead of Knockout, it will not be seen over the black.

If I have a job that bleeds how much should it extend from the edge of the Document Setup size?

The Document Setup is the actual trim size of your print project. All images and background that extend to the trim line should also bleed 1/8" beyond.

Can I use the Illustrator special effect filters such as Transparency or Drop Shadow on a 2 color job?

NO, special effect filters in illustrator do not support Pantone color separations. Filters such as Drop Shadow, Feather, Glows and Transparency used in Illustrator artwork must be Flattened in order to print separations. Flattening the artwork converts the color mode to CMYK.

Is it best to change my font type styles such as Bold, Italic or Shadow in the document program's toolbar?

NO, if a family does not support or contain the Bold or Italic versions of that font it will not be possible when outputting the file to film. The appearance is only noticeable on the monitor and may print on some laser printers but will not when ripped to Postscript imagesetters. Providing the entire font family with your order will further assist the output you desire.

Will I receive color proofs of my printing job and what should I do when I get them?

YES, we will provide an Epson low resolution digital blueline that indicates folds and final size, and a high resolution proof that represents actual color. If any changes are required, please mark the revisions clearly on either the digital blueline or the color proof.



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